ulysseish 4 - rhabdomantic or hygrometric

the dark lady laughing to the dark
gold glowering light darkness
shining endless star darkly
wait satan a bowing dark figure god light sideways on the bloody
following his hasty heels
on the winedark waterway

words dark darkness is
a darker shadow of the first
dust darkened smitten by sunlight
light crumpled throwaway
born all in the dark wormy earth
fallen archangels flung the stars
their brows cold specks of fire

the daylight robber born to blush
in the moonlight with those earthquake hats
of leprous and winedark stones
the original sin that darkened his understanding
sifted light pale gold in contrast glided
jog jig jogged came light to earth

evil, lights shining in the darkness
darkness spirit hands were felt to flutter
a faint but increasing luminosity of
ruby light became gradually visible
the discharge of jivic rays
darkening even his own skyblue clocks

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)