Norton Poetry Readathon - 14

(A chronicle of an attempted read through of The Norton Anthology of Poetry - 2,182 pages and 1,828 poems.)

It didn't end well for Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. Like several of the poets discussed thus far who were involved with the English court and specifically, in this case, with the court of King Henry VIII, intrigue and politics got the better of him. Featured here, among the four poems by Howard, is Wyatt Resteth Here. It's an epitaph for Thomas Wyatt, who was covered in the previous installment and who died a few years before Howard.

Wyatt had his problems too, being arrested when it was thought that he might be making merry with Anne Boleyn. But he was able to extricate himself from this predicament and died a few years before Howard. Who fell afoul of the regime and ended up losing his head for it. The next poet up, Anne Askew, also came to a bad end during Henry's reign, meeting her end at the stake. Her contribution is a poem written while she was in prison.

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