Norton Poetry Readathon - 10

(A chronicle of an attempted read through of The Norton Anthology of Poetry - 2,182 pages and 1,828 poems.)

It seems that not a great deal is known about John Skelton but it's safe to say that he was hardly a struggling poet. He was a poet laureate and hobnobbed with the wealthy and powerful of his time, including several kings, among them no less a personage than the maritally challenged King Henry VIII.

Four poems and/or excerpts by Skelton are represented in this edition of Norton. Mannerly Margery Milk and Ale and To Mistress Margaret Hussey take as their subjects women who are quite far removed from each other on the social scale of their time.

There's also a snippet from Colin Clout, a satire against the clergy. The character would appear again in several works by Edmund Spenser, including The Faerie Queene, The Shepheardes Calender (1579) and Colin Clouts Come Home Againe (1595). Last up is Phillip Sparow, an elegy to a pet sparrow, no less.

Find out more about Skelton and his works here.

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