Wednesday, October 19, 2016

finnegan's haiku 9 & 10

bozun braceth brythe
sangles angles and wangles
dearo dearo dear

and so they arted
siddle down and lissle all
kissing steadily

good people of moronika

he tried to swallow the bathtub.
so early in the morning.
wake up and go to sleep.
you're barking up the wrong fish.
here's some cyanide and razorblades.

when you hear the conk on the dome, it will be exactly 3 o'clock.
you're a sleep wrecker.
point to the right for this chump.
go to sleep before i murder you.
i'll tear your tonsils out.
you lamebrains can't do anything right.

oh, woe is moe.
oh, woe is you.
sometimes he goes too far.
he's the first one to admit it.
it is recognized that he has a funny sense of fun.

are you kidding me?
my mother knows my name.
i'm as pure as the driven snow.
i'm trying to think, but nothing happens.
i must be dead.
i hear an angel singing.

i caught this man walking down the street with a chicken.
hold hands, you love birds.

Monday, October 17, 2016

finnegan's haiku 7 & 8

the nachtingale jugs
traipsing through the tangle then
from quiqui quinet

rockabill booby
alohned in crowds to warnder
short of a frusker

(a cento on joyce's finnegan's wake)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

finnegan's haiku 5 & 6

vulgar ear cuddling
the old semetomyplace
moykle ahoykling!

to make his money
see that old buzzard whooping
fulled of potchtatos

(a cento on joyce's finnegan's wake)

sharp as a bowling ball

salt, pepper, or cyanide?
oh my poor mother.
that boy's as sharp as a bowling ball.
living over a cat food factory has its advantages.
but he'll never make it to the grotto.

i'm sorry you're stupid.
i don't know what it is with those sideburns.
do you have any idea what i'm talking about?
the waterfall was pretty weak.
now i gotta go find a trombone.

some of my best ancestors are chinese.
oh, you are just the cutest thing.
a salmon egg flew out of your mouth.
maybe she can bend down again and pick up your tongue.
nice girl but about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.

finnegan's haiku 3 & 4

sax hork pedwar pemp
stillness the heartbeats of sleep
voult of my palace

and pfor to pfinish
and pfor to pfinish our pfun
our pfun of a pfan

(a cento on joyce's finnegan's wake)

what’s all the kerfuffle about?

violent kerfuffle
cronut kerfuffle
velvet kerfuffle
pizzeria kerfuffle
giant kerfuffle
dickensian kerfuffle
baby shower kerfuffle
iphone bending kerfuffle
snuffle kerfuffle
reshuffle kerfuffle
truffle kerfuffle
kremlin kerfuffle
chicken kerfuffle
snickerdoodle kerfuffle

cancer theory kerfuffle
gm compensation kerfuffle
awful waffle kerfuffle
irreducibly simple kerfuffle
grammy awards kerfuffle
prom dress kerfuffle
best hairy kerfuffle
vendor prefix kerfuffle
facebook ethnography kerfuffle

n.c. state t-shirt kerfuffle
ascension animal shelter kerfuffle
silly george stephanopoulos kerfuffle
cate blanchett press kerfuffle
ben affleck's card-counting kerfuffle
great spiritual formation kerfuffle
netflix's kerfuffle in canada

kerfuffle over the chairmanship
kerfuffle over waffle maker
kerfuffle over global wealth stats

diablo ip theft trial kerfuffle
quincy korean war remembrance kerfuffle
la urbana sidewalk seating kerfuffle
red sox pitching coach kerfuffle
8gb xperia m4 aqua storage kerfuffle

kerfuffle follies
kerfuffle in spanish
kerfuffle before christmas
kerfuffle by the jetty
kerfuffle over finding a kiffle
kerfuffle over non-cosmological quasar redshifts

queen of kerfuffle

Saturday, October 15, 2016

finnegan's haiku 1 & 2

in their quartan agues
that song sang seaswans
handsboon and strumpers

i have not stopped water
by footblows coulinclouted
i sink i’d die down

(a cento on joyce's finnegan's wake)

ulysseish 14 - archangel, defend us

the ghost walks
thump thump thump
sternly across the sunbeam
in which he blurred
in silver heat silverpowdered
he seems to have shrunken
wanderers on the earth
lost in the wood
float bumped dullthudding
wander through the world
for the ruin of souls

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

hieronimo's mad, bad and dangerous to know

i'm gonna save you.
then we will sing all the cowboy songs.
settle down sir, the doctor says.
you're just going to have to be a little patient.
he don't make monkeys, he just train 'em.
yet you still keep to this obstinate silence
will you send a dinghy, please?
you're barking up the wrong fish.
he has the ability to nullify all radar beams.
generated by a giant flying saucer.
he cut your head off and put it in his tv set
because he wanted to change into a dope.
it is something or is he an imbecile.
what do you tell a man with two black eyes?
nothing, he's already been told twice.
in waking life you have never even been to kentucky.
so go feed those hogs before they worry themselves into anemia.
and i'll bet my badge that we haven't seen the last of those weirdies.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

a mouse did run

it is wise to bring some water
when one goes out to look for water.
so please move your ass.
charlie don't surf.
dennis surfed.
brian couldn't surf.
it was a dark and stormy night.
as pretty as an airport.
twinkle, twinkle, little bat.
the minister needed it to stuff a cushion.
never trust a man with short legs.
i'll see your horse and raise you a grand piano.
around here we don't give a man a funeral
unless we're pretty sure he needs one.
we were all going direct to heaven.
we don't steal cable in heaven.
a mouse did run.
this story is done.

Friday, October 7, 2016

ulysseish 13 - the parallax of the subsolar ecliptic of aldebaran

him, the funniest man on earth
bronzed with infamy
staring out of death
over the calm sea
rested on the jagged granite
the words had left

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)

the nice telephone company

i am from the nice telephone company.
i'm not your personal ballet.
i am a ridiculous person.
you want to know the way?
never fool with a fuzz ball.

how can a blind man be a lookout?
a cage went in search of a bird.
where are we, man?
just get out of my sun.
you raving oriental idiot.

are you bigger than the bad man?
don't break my jaw.
it is my guess that you will find it is english wax.
you take cereal, you take the milk, you pour it into the bowl.
i don't eat you anymore.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

ulysseish 12 - phthisis and hectic cheekbones

the swancomb of the gondola
the leg of the duck
take your crutch and walk
organtoned melodeon britannia
blurred cattle cropping in silver
venetian masts, maypoles
and festal arches
the exalted planetree,
the eugenic eucalyptus
trampling, cackling, roaring,
lowing, bleating, bellowing,
rumbling, grunting, champing, chewing
ominous revengeful zodiacal host
snouter and crawler, rodent
ruminant and pachyderm
in the penultimate antelucan hour
incarnated by the rubycoloured egos
from the second constellation

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)

michael, we are not a codfish

the end is near.
disintegration is quite painless, i assure you.
i suppose you have some explanation for this boat being in your living room.
you do not own a cat.

nothing must disturb my undiluted englishry.
all i do is think and blink.
i'm multiplying, see? i'm multiplying.
poor little nimrod.

oh, george, you didn't jump into the river.
keep an eye skinned.
tattered gods slouching in their rags across the waste.
rosy cheeks, no warts.

being in love with a safe, they haven't got a name for that one.
are we still the good guys?
we're still the good guys.
why don't you shoot yourself an elephant?

so long, sammy! see you in miami!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

ulysseish 11 - how life begins

absence of light
the machines clanked
ignited a lucifer match
talking in the dusk
everything speaks in its own way
noisily with chattering
surface particles visiting in turn
saturation of air, distillation of dew
quenching thirst and fire

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)

ulysseish 10 - hoopsa hoopsa boyaboy hoopsa

moving through the air high
in the ship last night
that was in his eyes
he was raving all night
i will not sleep here tonight
home also I cannot go

an infinite great fall of rain
coming here in the dark
they will walk on it tonight
coming here in the dark
that lay on the water like
the snout of a sleeping whale

proud lightning of the intellect
at the end of the second month
a human soul was infused
so dark is destiny

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)

antipathy to wigs

with regard to purgatory, i will not say a great deal.
since my ancestors ate captain cook.
it's a tale of sorrow to freeze the lachrymal canals.
and it makes the very blood congeal.
why, it's worse than having a tooth pulled.
so we will now sing the ninetieth psalm.

i can manage the horse.
until another painter of horses is sent for.
but sheep are the stupidest creatures living.
what is your opinion of a tolerable egg?
i have two ducks and a turkey in my drum.
and have always been lenient with lobsters.

i will take a dollar for the car.
but then why should i keep my bed?
he left them dead.
and i say prithee be gone; for thy boots stink.
i prefer a higher type of humanity.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

ulysseish 9 - trumpery insanity trumpery insanity

our father who art not in heaven
hell blast ye
like the transpontine bison
thou spawn of a rebel
why hast thou done
this abomination before me

that antechamber of birth
that faroff time of the roses
send us bright one
sinned against the light
on the mild morning air
wrought by wind of seeds of brightness

behold the mansion
rare lamps with faint rainbow fins
raindew moisture, life essence
celestial, glistening

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)

my name is for my friends

just the place for a snark.
what do i get?
a lot of yak from you.
the clocks strike thirteen.
the clouds hang low in the heavens.
smolten in our mist.
one of these days the sun's gonna come up.
and burn a hole clean through the planet.
some guy had a sign saying it was the end of the world.
when you get there you'll find yourself a cheery land.
the drugs begin to take hold.
ahh, smell those christmas trees.
they're altogether ooky.
that, my dear vance
is the understatement of the year.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

ulysseish 8 - a corpse rising saltwhite

i dislove
phenomenon and science
silently moving
across the sands of all the world
and this phenomenon
bitter death
and the other phenomenon

i shall wait
i am caught in
this burning scene
bag of corpsegas
waves and waves
a silent ship
sopping in foul brine

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

ulysseish 7 - what lighter recreations?

our mighty mother buck
is beastly dead
hair on end
watching narrowly the
dancing motes of grasshalms

for he lies among the dead
in a state of supine repletion
genius of water vapour
aquacity with the erratic originality
tired in the morning

waterlover, drawer of water
watercarrier in passivity
you are mine
the world is mine
and she all dressed in green

the incipient intimations
of darning or knitting
for the policeaided
my heart were it more
more visible at least that

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

mr. battery repairman

there’s the obvious
never put anything in
that is not at all times
to that in the that in the
how the how the how the
be sure one of the rest is
always completely
and is now ready
and a wart-hog

there is something
some of which there is
proved that the
before starting will cause
as soon as they
how the one of the
until the as one of the
at the in this way the
and a wart-hog

this is how it is with
with it as it may be the
in the which the rather
has a way of to be to
on the contrary of on
of the because of the
far from being but not
one has filled to the with
and a wart-hog

Saturday, September 10, 2016

ulysseish 6 - decay, mine, his and all

it was exactly seventeen o'clock
long landshadows, dispersed, lagging, languideyed
the fog has cleared off
the mystery man on the beach
with teeth as sharp as razors
walks, runs, zigzags, gallops
chucking out the rhino
bleeding profusely

to get out of heaven
i could kiss you
ah! gooblazqruk brukarchkrasht!
i'm in my pelt peace, perfect peace
deciduously launched into eternity
o! weeshwashtkissinapooisthnapoohuck?
it fills me full crocodile tears
to keep it up

(a cento on joyce's ulysses.)

carried aloft on the wings of a golden horse

do you know how to know what to know?
do you know how a pig digs and a dog cavorts?
their souls on display in the outstretched light of the fat moon
pennies raining on earth like brown mustard discs in the snow

herman is shaping his heart into an atlas
and casting aspersions on all horses everywhere
bring him bread made of hydrangea bushes
while you listen to the cats fish and the clocks tick